Women Taking it to the Turf: Spring Sports Leagues in Boston

Boston Women's Sports LacrosseIt’s no secret that Boston has one of the most active, health-conscious populations in the U.S. Ask any of your female friends how they stay fit and you’ll hear Zumba, Spinning, Crossfit, Kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates, Yogalates…enough classes to fill an entire week’s worth of physical activity! These classes can keep you fit & toned, sure, but what’s out there for the women who crave the competition & camaraderie of team sports? We’ve seen an emerging trend of women who want to get back to their high school or college roots and play the sports they love, like Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball and Lacrosse—sans male team members.

BSSC Women's Sports LacrosseAsk and you shall receive: a few years ago, BSSC started a Women’s Lacrosse league on the Harvard University turf expecting 6 to 8 teams to trickle in. Fast forward to today, and this program has exploded to over 700 women playing Lacrosse in Boston throughout the Spring & Fall seasons. BSSC‘s sports department saw the high demand for women’s sports and started Boston’s ONLY indoor Women’s Field Hockey league in South Boston, as well as the incredibly popular Outdoor Field Hockey league on the turf at Harvard. In 2010, Outdoor Field Hockey started with only 6 teams, and just 2 years later, the program has more than quadrupled in size again to an impressive 30 teams, which is close to 1,000 players!

BSSC Field Hockey

Since then, thousands of women around Boston have gathered their female friends, coworkers and former teammates to form teams to get back in the game to play the sport they love.

BSSC Women's Soccer

Well, this is all well and good for the chicks with sticks, but what about the rest of the women out there who are into sports like Soccer or Basketball? BSSC has recently started offering both Women’s Soccer & Basketball leagues throughout Greater Boston. Leagues are filling up and we don’t think it is just by luck; women do like to compete and play with teammates that share their passion for the sport they love.

Here are a few leagues with open registrations for you to check out today: